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Culture minister attends round table discussion in Belgrade

place: Belgrade, Serbia
Croatian Culture Minister Jasen Mesic said at a round table discussion in Belgrade on Thursday that the Croatian and Serbian culture ministries would have to tackle the job of restoring cultural artefacts taken away during the 1990s wars, and that there were 36,000 such artefacts.

Mesic said that several thousand artefacts had already been restored and that Croatia was waiting for several thousand more to be returned, underlining that this was one of the priorities that had to be dealt with for the sake of closer cultural cooperation.

In a statement carried by the Belgrade media, Mesic said that buildings of the Serb Orthodox Church in Croatia were being reconstructed, and that that was one of his ministry's priorities in 2011.

Speaking of the cooperation of artists in the region, Mesic said it was good and called for improving conditions for their work.

The round table discussion at which Mesic was speaking was held ahead of the ninth summit of Southeast European heads of state, entitled "Contemporary Art and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe", to be held at the archeological site Viminacium near the Danube River town of Kostolac, east of Belgrade, on Friday.

(Source: tportal.com)

(D.H., 05.09.2011)