Eurokaz 2011

time: 27.06.2011. - 05.07.2011.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Eurokaz
EUROKAZ will host this year again mixed programme of new theatre tendencies from around the globe. It is set to take place from 27th June to 5th July in Zagreb. EUROKAZ is not limited by genre. It encompasses theatre, dance, performance and other related art forms.

The festival will open with Miroslav Krleza`s Salome, a Branko Brezovec production atypical for him. It will surprise with its simplicity and elegance, and  overcome the relaxed atmosphere of a place incompatible with theatre: Avenue Mall.

It is not only about frantic counterpoint, which Brezovec regularly uses to train and stun the audience, but also about something much more meaningful: the joy of coexistence of a fateful melancholia (which is a fruit of its own garden) and ubiqitous spending.

It reminds of Camus`s Don Juan, who knows no sorrow, for he was sad when he hoped. 

In the end (or at the beginning), an old acquaintance, Akram Khan, with his most responsible and most spiritual choreography.

Organizers wanted Vertical Road to open a series of dance productions that re-establish an order of celebration and despair, and go against the banality of expression which dominated choreography globally after Anne Teresa withdrew from the stage to become a professor.

Other events include the retrospective of the German director Christoph Schlingensief, who passed away last year. Since there was no opportunity for the audience in Zagreb to see him and his work in person, the organizer want to convey, at least symbolically, some of his creative destructiveness by showing his films and videos of his productions, as a homage to this extraordinary artist.

The concept behind the programme emphasises innovation and the impulses that change our habits of perception and push the developments in theatre forward. EUROKAZ often dedicates sections of its programme to specific themes which investigate contemporary theatre phenomena, such as; iconoclastic theatre, post-mainstream, body art, new dramaturgy, new circus and many others. Sometimes the themes reflect the situation of theatre and dance in specific geographical regions (i.e. new Italian theatre, contemporary dance in Africa, Latin America, Japan, Asian traditional theatre, new generation of French directors, American West Coast technological theatre etc.).

In addition to the international programme, EUROKAZ regularly showcases certain sections of the local scene, from independent Croatian companies to innovative performances produced by repertory and national theatres.

(Source: Eurokaz)

(D.H., 01.06.2011)