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k0mikAze w3b is celebrating its 25th issue!

Komikaze comic and street art collective are 'from now on more social and more smarter!', as they announce their latest edition of web comic book.

Find your favourite among 160 authors and 25 issues at!
That's 3548 pages of comics! (because 25x160=3548)

- click on the name & open all issues in which the author is published
- click on the issue & read the comic & author info
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k0mikAze #25 presents 13 croatian and world authors:
For the first time Bruno Tolic (Croatia, 1980), Asterian acca Bojan Milojevic (Serbia, 1985.) and David Peter Kerr (Scotland).

For the umpteenth time, new comics from our planetary-popular auteurs:Dunja Jankovic (Croatia), Nina Bunjevac (Canada), Katie Woznicki (USA), Diego Medo (Italia)Wostok, Radovan Popovic, Septik, Danijel Savovic (Serbia), Craoman (France) and Chiu Kwong Man (Scotland).

(Source: Komikaze)

(D.H., 24.11.2010)