Edo Murtic @MSU

time: 04.12.2010. 8pm
place: MSU, Zagreb
organiser: MSU
Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb – MSU invites the audience to partake at the opening of the exhibition „Edo Murtic – donation proposal to the City of Zagreb and the Republic of Croatia“, under the high patronage of the President of The Republic of Croatia, Mr. Ivo Josipović.The opening will take place on Saturday, December 4th, at 8pm.

‘With this large and comprehensive exhibition we present the legacy of the Croatian painter, Edo Murtić, whose family chose to donate to the City and State more than fifteen hundred works of art, which were created throughout nearly six decades of the artist's fruitful professional activity.

The body of Edo Murtić's work has had an immense influence on Croatian painting of the twentieth century and represents a unique phenomenon in the field of art, culture and social engagement through turbulent periods in history. Therefore, I am convinced that this presentation of Murtić's works of art will induce a great public interest.
We are extraordinarily enthusiastic about the fact that this exhibition is going to round off our first anniversary in our new building and I hope that you will reserve the time to share this feeling with us at the exhibition’s grand opening.’
Text by Snjezana Pintaric, director of the MSU Zagreb

(Source: MSU)

(D.H., 09.11.2010)