Poziv za prijavu na međunarodni festival suvremenih medija

vrijeme: 13.05.2002. - 13.05.2002.
mjesto: Paris,Berlin
organizator: roARatorio

U toku je poziv za prijavu na međunarodni festival suvremenih medija (film, video, instalacije, performance,audio, multimedia)koji će se održati u jesen 2002. u Parisu, i u proljeće 2003. u Berlinu. Rok za prijave je 30. lipanj 2002.
2002s PARIS/BERLIN INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS cinema_video_installation_performance_audio_multimedia A complete festivals presentation is available on our web site: Please feel free to contact us for all question. The International Paris/Berlin festival is a transdisciplinary action, favoring contemporary creation in different fields: film, video, visual arts and multimedia, to create a meeting space for exchanges between various forms of artistic language and their audiences. By bringing together the diverse mediums of creation and their respective audiences and allowing them to communicate, the Rencontres becomes an open event in which the specificities and links between languages and gazes can emerge within evolving contemporary production. THE CALL FOR ENTRIES is open for film cycles, 35mm, 16mm, super 8, and video, without any restriction of length or type ; for installation, performance, multimedia and sound creation cycles. Proposals are free, without any limitation of country. All individual or organism can send one or several proposals to the Meetings programming. The next festival will take place in Paris in Autumn 2002, and in Berlin in Spring 2003. This non-commercial event is organized by roARatorio, a non-profit organization within artistic and cultural aim. CINEMA AND VIDEO CYCLES > Fiction / Full-length films - 35 mm, 16 mm, super 8 and video > Fiction / short, medium length - All formats > Experimental Film - 35 mm, 16 mm, super 8 > Video art / Experimental video - All video formats > Documentaries - All formats > Animation movie - All formats OTHER CYCLES > Intervention - performance art, happening > Installation - sound, video and multimedia > Interactive writing - Network happening, online work, net art, forum, CD-rom > Sound creation - Lecture, sound poetry, experimental music, concert projection Cinema and video proposals are received on VHS videotape. All proposals are received by mail, enclosing the ENTRY FORM filled, dated and signed, UNTIL THE 30th OF JUNE, 2002. The entry form, and all infomations about the festival, are available on our web site (follow links to "call for entries" - the website is posted in English, French, German ann Spanish), or by email (on request, entry form sent in the message body or in attachment), or by fax 33 1 42 33 36 44. TO DOWNLOAD THE ENTRY FORM (in english, german and french) pdf format (310Ko): If pdf format downloading is too slow, the entry form is available in html format (quick load 19Ko) : Entry form in english: Entry form in german: Entry form in spanish: Entry form in french: Please feel free to contact us for all question. Best regards, For the festivals staff Nathalie Hénon ___ roARaTorio ___ 51 rue Montorgueil ___ 75002 Paris - France ___ tel: 33 1 40 26 66 34 ___ fax: 33 1 42 33 36 44 ___ email: ___ web: In 2001, supported by : DRAC Ile-de-France - French Ministry for Culture and Communication, the Regional Council of Ile-de-France, the City of Paris, the french-german cultural channel Arte, the Goethe Institute in Paris, The National high school for arts in Paris, the National high school for design, the Canadian Embassy in Germany, the Neederland Embassy in France and Germany, the Belgium Ministry of the Flemish community, the Japanese Fondation, Citroen, Philips France, the Ratp. The Meetings receive the patronage of the German Embassy and of the Unesco. ________________________________________