Island products promoted at BioFach

time: 17.02.2010. - 28.02.2010.
place: Nuremberg, Germany
organiser: BioFach
'Croatian Island Product', a project that promotes and protects original products from Croatian islands, will be presented at BioFach, a world organic trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany that is being held from 17 to 20 February.

The project started in 2007, and 46 manufacturers in Croatia have received the right to brand 97 of their products from 13 Islands.

The brand is a guarantee of the originality, quality and exclusivity of the items on sale.

The ministry of tourism’s aim is to promote the development of ecological products of high quality.

Island products include food, cosmetics and clothing and souvenirs.

(Source: Croatian Times

(D.H., 22.02.2010)