Izložba Carlosa Amoralesa u Ljubljani

vrijeme: 09.05.2002. - 14.06.2002.

U četvrtak 09.svibnja 2002. u 20 sti u Galeriji ŠKUC otvara se samostalna izložba Carlosa Amoralesa "Simpatia por el Diabolo". Na otvaranju izložbe umjetnik ce izvesti istoimeni performance.
Growing out of a series of experiments with the mask, a fictional character behind a mask called Amorales was created and lent to different individuals to perform in various situations where it was continuously emptied and filled up again with different contents working almost invisibly, as a catalyst, within restricted frameworks. Using fictional identity as a working tool Carlos Amorales found Mexican wrestling (lucha libre) offering that complex but flexible structure that helped him to develop his experiments further. The black and white reincarnations of confronting powers of Evil and Good exposed the archetypal aspects of relevant social and political positions. With Amorales the artist escaped his presence into a mutual projection between art and wrestling, acting as MC, commentator or the catalyst of events. The Amorales series developed a unique way of (self-) portraiture relating to possible re-contextualization and re-presentation of the problem of identity reflected in the constant transformation and overlapping of real and fictional, both in the framework of the ring and the white cube. His solo show in Škuc Gallery presents a selection of the Amorales series, including the documented conversation with the ex-wrestler and mask-maker Ray Rosas that took place in Mexico in 1997, and the documentation videos of four organized fights – Amorales vs Amorales in Peace (Migros Museum, Zürich on 7 November, 1999), Evil Wins in Paris (Centre de Pompidou, Paris on 12 November, 2000), My Way (Auditorio de Tijuana, Mexico on 19 January, 2001) and My Way (Wyndham Emerald Plaza Hotel, San Diego on 20 January, 2001) – with some more recent works like Luisita Cleaning Bad Vibes (2001) where we follow a professional casting out evil spirits in a gallery office. The exhibition starts with the clipp-like video compilation, Devil Dance (in process since 2000). A fanzine will accompany the exhibition. Carlos Amorales is a Mexican artist currently based in Amsterdam (www.lostart.nl/ amorales). The curator of the exhibition is Lívia Páldi, a free-lance curator and critic lives in Ljubljana. The project is supported by: Mondriaan Foundation - Amsterdam, Embassy of Mexico in Vienna, General Department of Cultural Affairs of the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana – Department of Culture. For further information please contact Alenka Gregorič, project co-ordinator, or Gregor Podnar, the artistic director of Škuc Gallery, or visit our web page www.galerija.skuc-drustvo.si.