Izložba:Elena Cologni "Public Private Perceptions 02"

vrijeme: 11.03.2002. - 30.03.2002.
mjesto: Neon Gallery, Bologna
organizator: Neon Gallery ,Bologna

Neon Gallery sa zadovoljstvom vam predstavlja Elenu Cologni "Public Private Perceptions 02",video instalacija uživo samostalne umjetnice, od 16.3.-30.3.2002. Umjetnica će izvesti performans na dan otvaranja 16.03. u 18:00 h!
Neon Gallery is pleased to present Elena Cologni "Public Private Perceptions 02" , video live installation one woman show, from the 16th to the 30th of march 2002. The artist will perform at the opening on the 16th of March at 18.00 hours The artist will propose a work comissioned especially for the exhibition. This was made possible also thanks to the The London Underground, the London Institute and Central Saint Martins College. The Exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue including texts by contenente Elena Cologni, Malcolm Le Grice, Roberto Daolio, Elio Grazioli, Martin Kemp, Marina Wallace. "PRIVATE PUBLIC PERCEPTIONS is a video live installation which was first performed at Toynbee Theatre in London on 21st of October 2001 and presented at the PARIP Symposium University of Bristol 10-11 November 2001 as part of the Paper: ëPrivate action becoming public. A practical investigation on the performerís reactions to the environment.í The overall context investigated in the work is the relationship body-environment: how this influences my perception of myself in delivering a piece (this as a consequence of the Tate event in March 2001). To deprive my self of vision temporarily made me feel more fagile, but at the mean time, it allowed me establish a contact with the external world from the inside, through touch. The need to produce this action came from the urge to reposition myself within a particular social, phycal context. The apprehension is subject to the changing conditions of the context; from the juxtaposition of present and past action the space/time in between seems to arise overlapping with, and becoming that of the audience. By exploring the environment through touching with my hands and all my body the environment with my eyes blindfolded, I register information about a particular space till then perceived with all the senses. I relate a colour sensation to a tactile one." "I selected some fragments in relationship to the piece PUBLIC PRIVATE PERCEPTIONS, performed on the 21st of October 2001 at Toynbee Theatre in London and the version ë02í of which will be on the 16th of March 2002 at the Neon Gallery in Bologna. This collection of fragments aims to provide a range of diverse viewpoints, scientific, historical, critical for an open interpretation of the piece. In the last few years my work evolved also stimulated by various elements,amongst them: the concept of the gaze, ële regardí, by Jacques Lacan, theorised in the seminars held in Paris between January and June 1964 and published in 1973 with the title Les quatre concepts fondamentaux de la psychanalyse (The Four Fundamental Concepts Of Psycho-Analysis); the concept of Chiasm by Maurice Merleau-Ponty. Particularly, the relationship between the two authors in the thought on subject-object in vision (already seen in Sartre) has been extremely stimulating for my own artistic production. These theorisations are placed by Martin Jay in the critical discourse against the system that he defines as ocularcentric of western philosophy, as illustrated in ëDowncast Eyes, the Denigration of Vision in Twentieth-Century French thoughtí2 - Debord, Barthes, Foucault, Derrida and others are part of the critique. The historical account given by Jonathan Crary on the evolution of the role of the spectator, also in relation to these concepts, opened up the relevance of the physiological and neurological aspects of vision. The above mentioned relation Lacan/Merleau-Ponty affected my work: in order to satisfy of the paradoxical desire to put my self in the position of the Other from which they see myself, I keep on shifting my position to find in the ëtransitioní a stable condition." Elena Cologni Research Centre The London Institute Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design Southampton Row London WC1B 4AP contact: e.cologni1@csm.linst.ac.uk 0044 (0)7818 galleria neon via deBersaglieri 5/b I-40125 Bologna tel ++39 051 264008 fax ++39 051 6562907 gallerianeon@iperbole.bologna.it