Novigrad presents Media Scape 2009

time: 31.08.2009. - 03.09.2009.
place: Novigrad
Media Scape 2009, under the title ‘Infinite games’, is taking place in Novigrad, Istria, from31st August to 3rd September. Media Scape Novi(media)grad / Citta(media)nova is part of the collaborative project X-OP: eXchange of art Operators and Producers. Project is partly funded by the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, Culture Programme.

‘Infinite games do not have a knowable beginning or ending. They are played with the goal of continuing play. An infinite game continues play, for sake of play. If the game is approaching resolution because of the rules of play, the rules must be changed to allow continued play. The rules exist to ensure the game is infinite.

Examples could be the life of a culture and its participants, the act of artistic creation, participation in activities such as Renaissance Fairs or other non-goal-directed play, role-playing games in which playing rather than winning is the motivation. Ultimately, life itself is the fullest realization of the infinite game. Beginning to participate in an infinite game may be involuntary, in that it doesn't require conscious thought. Continuing participation in the current round of game-play is voluntary. "It is an invariable principle of all play, finite and infinite, that whoever plays, plays freely’ (Wikipedia)

The X-OP project is multi-annual project, from 2008 to 2011, and is supported by European Commission - Program Culture.

X-OP - eXchange of art operators and producers is gradually growing network of artists, researchers, operators, producers and centers with the aim to establish European platform for creation of art and exchange. With its places, spaces and user accustomed technological infrastructure it fosters mobility of artists, theoreticians and executives. It is built to strengthen the pan-European and global collaboration, common production and interdisciplinary approach to art.

Suzanne Altmann (D), Cameron Bobro (Slo), Đanino Božić (Cr), Luka Brajović (Cr/E), Tanja Dabo (Cr), Heiko Daxl (D), Luka Dekelva (Slo), Ingeborg Fülepp (Cr/D), Kalle Hamm (F), Ida Hiršenfelder (Slo), Janez Janša (Slo), Susanne Kienbaum (D), Dalibor Martinis (Cr), Simon Bogojević-Narath (Cr), Ivica Šeremet (Cr), Ksenija Orelj (Cr), ć (Cr/D), Goran Tomčić (Cr/USA), Branka Uzur (Au/Cr)

Organizations and curators: Đanino Božić (Cr), Heiko Daxl / Ingeborg Fülepp Media in Motion (Cr/D) Nikša Gligo, University of Zagreb, Music Academy (Cr), Ketrin Milićević-Mijošek, Museum Lapidarium and Gallery Rigo Novigrad / Cittanova (Cr), Jerica Ziherl, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka (Cr).

(I.P., 26.08.2009)