International Children's Festival Sibenik

time: 20.06.2009. - 04.07.2009.
place: Sibenik, Croatia
organiser: MDF
The International Children's Festival is set to take place this year between 20th June and 4th July in the city of Sibenik. All the Sibenik streets, stairs, squares, passages, the waterfront, parks, the Cathedral and the theater belong to the numerous stages which become lively and busy during summer time at the unique world performance, the International Children's Festival.

There is almost no need to sit somewhere in the audience, because the audience and the stage is everywhere at Šibenik in those days! Ensembles and actors, singers and dancers, directors and reporters crowd at the time in this center on the Adriatic coast.

The festival takes place between 20th June and 4th July.

See detailed programme: www.mdf-si.org 

(D.H., 10.06.2009)