Vlasta Delimar: Guilt

time: 23.05.2009. - 14.06.2009.
place: Celje, Slovenia
organiser: Center of Contemporary Arts Celje
Conceptual artist Vlasta Delimar presents her artworks at the exhibition Guilt in the Racka Gallery in Celje (Slovenia). The opening of the exhibition with performance is scheduled for Saturday, May 23, at 8 p.m.

Vlasta Delimar & Milan Božić:
Performance Tactile Communication (for Jerman)

The Croatian artist Vlasta Delimar (born 1956 in Zagreb, lives and works in Zagreb) stepped onto the art scene at the end of the 1970s. She mainly focuses on performances and photography, but also uses installation and video. She began her artistic work in a circle of artists from Group of six. From the beginning her art practise follows, or folds over her life story. As the main content and media of activity she uses her body. By researching herself, her body and personal experience her work deals with gender, identity, sexuality, communication and mutual relations issues through which it is placed into the broader social context.

The artist has decided to present the following two projects in the Račka gallery: Guilt (2004) and the performance Tactile Communication (for Jerman). Milan Božič, the artist’s life companion who plays an equal role in Delimar's projects since 1999, plays a part in both projects. In Guilt Delimar uses photography to discuss the issues of guilt and question the existing social and moral conventions. The work that emerges from the artist's personal experience and can be understood as an attempt to liberate herself through the deconstruction of the feeling of guilt, opens psychological issues as well as issues dealing with the social environment that determine us. Through a series of photographs, mainly self-portraits accompanied by text, the artist stimulates the viewer to think.

In Tactile Communication (for Jerman) Delimar communicates with the public through touch. She first performed this performance in 1981 with the late artist Željko Jerman who was her life companion at the time. The ambition of this performance (which could also be called a happening, for it greatly depends on the direct contact with the public) is to remind the public of their primal need to be touched and hugged.

Vlasta Delimar's work is marked by the presence of the body and the erotic, directness and sincerity; it is provocative and confrontational, as well as realistic and full of life. So far it has been shown at numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Since 1972 she held over 30 performances around the world (Glasgow, Pittsburgh, Klagenfurt, London, Sarajevo, Beograd, Zagreb, Graz, Trst, Celje, Lyon, Quebec, Kyoto, Buffalo, Ljubljana). Among them Weding (with Jermanom, 1982), Spanish fly (1985), Fucking is sad (1986), For Martek and Meret Oppenheim (1987), Tears for Vlasta Delimar (1989), I'm searching for a woman (1996), Mature woman (1997), Conversation with warrior or woman has disappeared (with Milan Božič, 1999), Lady Godiva (2001), Tantra (2002), I'm 50 (2006). From 2006 she's an art manager of the art organization My land, Štaglinec and organizes international meetings for artists.

Milan Božić was born in 1958. in Zagreb. He graduated from the School of electrical engineering. He spent five years in the Croatian war. He works in the Ministry of Defence as an officer. From 1999 he works with Vlasta Delimar.
Opening hours:
tuesday – friday, 11.00 – 18.00
saturday, 10.00 – 12.00
sunday, 14.00 – 18.00
closed on monday

(D.H., 21.05.2009)