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Photographers to discuss over photo censorship

place: Split, Croatia
organiser: World Press Photo
Photographers from former war-torn Balkan states are to meet in Croatia to discuss censorship during the conflicts of the 1990s. The meeting will take place as part of the annual World Press Photo Exhibition to be held at Split’s "Dom mladih" (The House of Youth) starting on Wednesday and running until 19 May.

The discussion on 7 May will involve lectures from Serbians Nenad Petrovic and Elvis Barukcic from Sarajevo and Amel Emilic from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina recounting their experiences of photographing during the conflicts and the banning of certain images at the time.

World Press Photo Exhibition organiser Valentino Bilic Prcic said: "We want to see how the photos were treated during the war by all three sides which clashed.''

(Source: Croatian Times

(D.H., 06.05.2009)