Night of EU cultural institutes to be held in Zagreb

time: 09.05.2009.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: EUNIC
The European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) Croatia will organise, for the second time and in cooperation with the Culture of Change of the Zagreb Students' Centre, the Night of EU Cultural Institutes, to be held in the Students' Centre on May 9.

EUNIC is a partnership of national institutions for culture, engaged beyond their national borders and operating with a degree of autonomy from their governments. The EUNIC membership currently includes organisations from 25 EU countries and it is intended that this will grow in time to include national institutes for culture from all the member states. The total operating budget of the current EUNIC membership is more than 2.2 billion Euro per annum.

The purpose of EUNIC is to create effective partnerships and networks between the participating organisations, to improve and promote cultural diversity and understanding between European societies, and to strengthen international dialogue and co-operation with countries outside Europe.

EUNIC operates at two complementary levels:
·    The first level consists of the Heads or Directors General of the national institutions.
·    The second level comprises clusters of national institutions for culture, based in cities across Europe, cooperating together in common projects. EUNIC Brussels represents both the Heads level and the clusters at the EU institutions. 

(D.H., 05.05.2009)