Film 'Wellman' awarded in Italy

place: Bologna, Italy
organiser: Delta Film Festival
Film by Branko Istvancic 'Wellman' has been rewarded with the Special Jury Award at the Delta Film Festival in Bologna (Italy).

The main objective of the Delta Film Festival is to encourage the production of documentary and fiction videos (digital videos, movies, new media) among the new generation of filmmakers whose subjects are the region of the Po River Delta and the Alto Adriatico Region which encompasses the costal region from the Po River Delta to the municipalities of Capodistria, Isola and Pirano (Slovenia).

Additional goals of the Delta Film Festival (DFF) are to rescue old films of this same subject and build an archive which will include videos selected during the competition as well as other productions which deal with the Po River Delta and the Alto Adriatico Region. The long-term goal of the Festival will be to produce a DVD which will highlight the winning entries along with a selection of works from the archive.

About the film:
The main character of the documentary film "Wellman", Antun Gabajcek - Nuno, is one of the last practitioners of an old and dying profession. When requested, he digs water wells, but without the use of machinery. He exclusively uses tools that require hard physical labour. He is not working in this manner because he is capricious or stubbornly insists on tradition. He simply does it because there is no other way to do the job properly. In this film, the well man is fortifies the sides of a well with bricks to help the water flow and enhance its quality. Major physical effort is required to achieve that, as well as sophisticated methodology, an original strategy and many hand-made tools. This is precisely why Gabajcek is a good character for a documentary. This documentary search for the answers to the question how can such a troublesome way to earn a living produce such a unique and wonderful person.

(D.H., 30.04.2009)