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International symposium 'Hooray Architecture!’

time: 22.04.2009. - 25.04.2009.
organiser: UIA & Faculty for Architecture
International symposium 'Hooray Architecture!’ takes place from 22nd to 25th of April at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. The programme of the symposium is set up as part of the programme ‘Architecture & Children' organized within the framework of the UIA – The International Union of Architects.

In simple terms the immediate objectives of a built environment education programme may include
giving young people:
- Sensory awareness of the spaces – public/private, interior/exterior - that they move and live in
- Awareness of roles, rights and responsibilities in the creation of the built environment
- An appreciation of their architectural heritage and of contemporary architecture
- An understanding of the relationship between the built and natural environment and of the link between sustainable development and quality of life
- The vocabulary they need to discuss the qualities of buildings and places and how they relate to the life of a community.
- Experience of the analytical and problem-solving methods of the design process
- The capacity to work in a team, to observe, to identify problems and find creative solutions
- The opportunity to experiment with techniques, forms and materials
- The capacity to exercise sensitivity and imagination, taste and critical judgment
- The discovery that architecture is a creative intellectual task of research and design that draws on humanity, culture, heritage, nature and society.

The UIA Built Environment network aims to help Architects and Teachers everywhere show young people what makes good Architecture and a Sustainable environment. So that, as adult citizens, users, clients and decision-makers they may take an active part in shaping the world they live in, embracing both heritage and innovation in the creation of communities which provide a healthy and harmonious quality of life for all. 

(D.H., 23.04.2009)