Sanja Jankovic as Dora Maar in Paris

time: 05.04.2009. 8pm
place: Carr"s Pub & Restaurant, 1 rue du Mont Thabor, Paris, France
Actress Sonja Jankovic will partake in the project 'The Minotaur' which is going to be set up as a reading concert on 5th of April in Carr's Pub & Restaurant in Paris. The play was written by Michael Black.

In post-war Paris, Pablo Picasso is juggling three mistresses. One of them, Marie-Therese Walter, has a child by him, one of them, Dora Maar, has a mental breakdown and the youngest of them, Françoise Gilot, is determined to oust the other two. Meanwhile, Picasso sells his paintings to a homosexual American GI who falls in love with Dora Maar...

Starring: Jeremy Coffman, Carey Downer, Richard Hadley, Sanja Jankovic, Jerome Maroni, Sophie Nahmias. 

(D.H., 03.04.2009)