Banana Guerilla and Pandora Pop’s new performative project

place: Frankfurt, Germany
organiser: Pandora Pop
Banana Guerrilla and Pandora Pop collaborate together on the project entitled Sorry! (Stereo Unplugged)’. After first working phase in Rome, artists are now working in Zagreb. After residence programme in Zagreb, the third phase will take place in Frankfurt. The premier is planned for May at the Plateaux Festival in Mousonturm (Frankfurt).

The Performance will also have its latest working phase in the Autumn to be set in Zagreb.

Sorry! (Stereo Unplugged)’ is performance that thematizes everyday practice of globally networked artists. Internet is for Pandora Pop, collective of artists living rather nomadic lives collaborating on international projects, today the only referral point. Internet is for them a shared space and working place that is not changing. In critical facing with the actual discourse on migrations and identity in the age when the society is switching from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, performance will take its shape of party; where dramaturgy and theatre mechanisms of the World Wide Web reshape the ‘real’ fiction of theatre and its material space. Pandora Pop tries to critically illuminate with topis as (art)work-me-the other.

"I have always depended on the kindness of strangers." Blanche DuBois

Pandora Pop invite all their virtual online „friends" live and in colour to a real party in a real space. Celebrating the moment of coming together, they are serving mixed drinks and hot tunes. Singing along to sexy tape recordings, their party potential infects the audience as they enter. The production is the result of 730 hours online conference calls, 120 hours of one-to-one skype meetings, 323.560 lines of internet chat, 234 concept development e-mails, two social platform accounts, one blogger account, one online video account, 156 text messages and 576 hours spent in a re(hears)al space.

The party hosts wear sparkly neon costumes: But the place is a mess, maybe the moment of togetherness has already passed a long time ago: We see a dancefloor, traces, a battlefield on the morning after...

Concept: Pandora Pop (Hertling, Trabert, Wirthmüller, Zanki)
Performance: Anna Hertling, Katharina Trabert, Britta Wirthmüller, Petra Zanki, Sanja Tropp Frühwald & Guests / Musik: Aaron Austin-Glen, Damir Šimunović / Dramaturgie: Roland Rödermund / Media Design: Mirco Winde / Produktion: Plateaux Festival, Banana Gerila.

Pandora Pop is an international Live Art company founded in 2004 in the UK. Company members and collaborators come from various countries, such as Germany, Italy, Croatia, England and Australia. Their work so far has been shown in England, Germany and Switzerland. All core members are professional performance makers, active in their own countries and Europe.

(Source: Petra Zanki

(D.H., 20.03.2009)