Theatre Mala Scena with performance Parachutists in Austria

time: 03.03.2009. - 18.03.2009.
place: Austria
Theatre Mala Scena will have guest appearance at the KuKuk Festival in Austria with heir performance Parachutists Or On The Art Of Falling, a part of their mini tour through Austria between 3rd and 18th March.

Tour Schedule:
3rd March – St. Gallen
10th March – Kirchbach
11th March – Mureck
18th March - Deutschlandsberg

Directed by Ivica Simic
Choreographed by Larisa Lipovac and Damir Klemenic
Original music composed by Alen Kraljic
Dramaturgy by Nana Sojlev
Performed by: Larisa Lipovac and Damir Klemenic

Dressed as parachutists, Larisa and Damir act from a perspective of those already aware of human flying abilities or, metaphorically speaking, the ability to overcome difficulties and face a life containing injuries and hardships, but also friends who are ready to pull us out of trouble...

Indeed, a crucial feature of the play is its unpretentiousness and unusual degree of communication with the audience. On the other hand, its subconsciously sent or sensed messages are far above pure childish play...
Parachutists Or On The Art Of Falling opens up space for both the actors/dancers and the audience to play with the subject of flying and falling. Investigating the subject of gravity, the play talks of human desires and disillusions, of dreams and wishes, of rises and falls, of encounters and farewells... of life. 

(D.H., 03.03.2009)