Natasa Stanic and Sanja Jankovic perform with La Spirale d'Or

time: 06.03.2009. - 07.03.2009.
place: The Stage, London, UK
La Spirale d'Or returns with performance ReCalling written & directed by Shelly De Vito will be staged on March 6th and March 7th at 8.00pm at The Space in London. Croatian actresses Natasa Stanic and Sanja Jankovic will also partake in the event.

La Spirale d'Or, Paris' innovated theatre company, is returning to the Docklands of London for its latest creation: ReCalling.

This site-specific performance will open the Entreprise 2009 Festival at The Space.   In ReCalling, the historic St. Paul's Chapel will host scenes recalling the building itself, as remembrance and also as re-identification.  Dialogued and silent scenes, music and installation art will contribute to the story-telling and the atmosphere of ReCalling.

Time bends and walls speak as you weave your own experience. Every part of the show is written for The Space, and for the unique cast...for this moment in time and space.
The audience moves independently through the space, but the staging encourages certain flows of movement. Scenes will occur simultaneously, and the audience members choose where to focus their attentions. As a result, each spectator discovers a different version of the story inspired by The Space.
ReCalling pursues the audience's active exploration of space.  
La Spirale d'Or is a company of international artists based in Paris.  For more information, please contact or visit 

(D.H., 02.03.2009)