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Dance web project – The Book

Calibrating the focus of production and development from the common orientation towards the end product strategies to the rethinking of the strategies in itself, the new generation of authors opened in their recent artistic work the whole new set of questions also focusing more on a contemporanity and its substitutes in post or post-transition societies than on display of skills, positioning of aesthetics or well known methodologies.

Taking this step to the shift - towards questioning the very purpose of artistic producement in the environment of turbulent structural changes, the process of making dance stretches and reaches to the fields far beyond actual dance activity and becomes a crucial vehicle for the development of contemporary performing arts both within the context of culture and civil society in general. What is then activated through the actual dance activity includes the thinker as well as the object of thinking - the object or issue of the choreographic activity is becoming its own author objectivised through the receiver.

The project is starting with interviews of eleven choreographers, authors and dance makers. Our goal is to keep it up as a work in progress and to continue with it spreading the talks with other, also international, dance makers.

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(D.H., 12.02.2009)