Gavranfest 2009 in Slovakia

time: 23.02.2009. - 27.02.2009.
place: Trnava, Slovakia
Since 2003, the Jan Palarik Theatre from Trnava, Slovakia has organised a theatre festival at which only the dramas and comedies of the Croatian author, Miro Gavran, are performed.

This year's Gavranfest is the fourth to be organised and it will be held between February 23 and 27, with theatres from five countries taking part:  Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Croatia.


The festival performances of Gavran's plays will be scheduled as follows:

Feb 23:  Henpecked Husbands, GAVRAN Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia
Feb 24:  All About Women, STUDIO TWO Theatre, Prague, Czech    Republic
Feb 25:  All About Men, LUDOWY Theatre, Krakow, Poland
Feb 26:  Forget Hollywood, BRETT Theatre, Vienna, Austria
Feb 27:  Greta Garbo's Secret, JAN PALARIK Theatre, Trnava, Slovakia

Miro Gavran (1961) is one of the most accomplished Croatian writers and certainly the most productive. His works have been TRANSLATED INTO MORE THAN THIRTY LANGUAGES. His dramas and comedies have reached a number of more then 180 premieres, and have been watched by more than two million audience members around the world.

He debuted in 1983 with the drama Creon's Antigone. Since then he has written another thirty theatrical texts, the most significant of which are: Night Of The Gods, Chekhov Says Goodbye To Tolstoy, Death Of An Actor, My Wife's Husband, Hotel Babylon, George Washington's Loves, Doctor Freud's Patient, Shakespeare and Elizabeth, Forget Hollywood, All About Women, All About Men, Nora in Our Time, Greta Garbo's Secret and How to Kill the President. He has had seven novels published: Forgotten Son, How We Broke Our Legs, Clara, Margita, Judith, John the Baptist and Pontius Pilate.

More information: www.mgavran2.t-com.hr

(Source: CROWN

(D.H., 11.02.2009)