Frederic Gies's Dance (Praticable) in Zagreb

time: 14.02.2009. 8pm
place: &td Theatre, Savska 25, Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: EkS scene
EkS scena invites you to visit performance Dance (Praticable) by Frederic Gies on 14th of February (8pm) in Theatre &td in Zagreb (Croatia). Frederic Gies’s guest performance is a part of  TransWarp programme 08/09 organized by EkS scena.

Concept, score and choreography: Frederic Gies
After a proposal of Alice Chauchat
Artistic assistance: Alice Chauchat
Light design: Ruth Waldeyer
Music: Madonna

"Dance (Praticable)" – solo version is a production by Frederic Gies.
"Dance (Praticable)" – group version "Dance (Praticable)" – production by Frederic Gies and Sophiensale, Berlin, funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, with the support of Fabrik Potsdam, Tanzplan Potsdam: artists in residence.

Reviews on the solo:
"Frederic Gies raises high the flag of a voluptuous dance. Serious as a pope, he shows in "Dance (Praticable)" a trip of quotations of movements, from Isadora Duncan, passing by Grete Wiesenthal, until Madonna. Something rare is happening in his spending of energy: he neutralizes the furor of movement, without "not dancing" therefore."
*By Franz Anton Cramer,Frankfurter Rundschau (18. 12. 2006)

"In front of his appealing dance about technique, style and composition, one could think that "conceptual dance", suspected of intellectualism, came back to dance. Here is one who really thinks about dance, wearing rags and on Madonna's songs, without losing one single word of it! Clever and nevertheless virtuoso or the contrary?"
*By Pirkko Husemann, Korpus (20.12.2006)

The score of Dance (Praticable) as well as a collection of text by Bojana Cvejić, Frédéric Gies, Simon Hecquet, Sabine Prokhoris and Petra Sabisch can be downloaded now:


(D.H., 10.02.2009)