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New book: Connecting Croatia

place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Culturelink & IMO
The research project Connecting Croatia - The Public, Private and Civil Sector of Culture in the Virtual Space was conducted during 2007 by the Culturelink Network/IMO with the aim of answering the question whether digital culture is opening up new prospects of cultural diversity and international cultural communication and cooperation in Croatia.

The study analyzes the state and development of the public, private and civil sector of culture in the virtual space. Since much of the cultural content available in the virtual space is generated by the public cultural sector and through initiatives of civil society and creative industries, the research project focused on issues of (inter)relations between these three sectors in the creation of virtual cultural content. The great emphasis in research is given to the actual potential digital culture has and offers in the domain of international cultural cooperation and intercultural communication. It further investigates how the facilities provided by the digital culture mediums develop and promote international visibility of national and local cultural sector.

The book is edited by Biserka Cvjeticanin, PhD.
The project has had invaluable support from Croatian Ministry of Culture, City of Zagreb, City of Rijeka, City of Dubrovik and KultuKontakt Austria.

Connecting Croatia in English here
Connecting Croatia in Croatian here

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