Split City Puppet Theatre in Alexandria

time: 01.02.2009. - 10.02.2009.
Split City Puppet Theatre will give guest performances at the 6th Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups Europe – Mediterranean which is set to take place from 1st to 10th February in Alexandria (Egypt).

The Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups (Europe-Mediterranean) is an artistic, cultural phenomenon taking place in the ancient city of Alexandria. One of the major axes in the Forum is the concept of anti-festival—for the Forum is a space for artists, a space in which there is no place for politicians and formalities.  

With almost 60 years long tradition the Split City Puppet Theatre remains the oldest professional puppet theatre in Croatia. We are proud of various artists, directors and puppeteers who co-operated with us through all these years, as we are proud of numerous awards that our plays have won at various Croatian and international festivals.
The Theatre has also played an important cultural and educational role influencing the audience to act for the welfare of people they live with.
Today, in a season our theatre produces 5 premiers and about 350 performances for almost 60,000 visitors. Traditionally, we play our performances in small places outside the city of Split as well as throughout Croatia and abroad. 
Split City Puppet Theatre is a member of UNIMA.

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(D.H., 30.01.2009)