conference, symposium

Dubravka Vrgoc at Conference on German dramaturgy

place: Erlangen, Germany
organiser: ZeKaeM
Dubravka Vrgoc, director of propulsive ZeKaEm Theatre and World Theatre Festival partakes at the conference for German dramaturges which is set to take place from 29th January to 1st February in Erlangen (Germany).
The conference’s topics are present and future perspectives of networking between European theatres.

Dubravka Vrgoc will talk about her experiences in coproduction projects, as well as about the recent art connections between Croatian and European theatre scene.

Zagreb Youth Theatre has inevitably grown long ago, after its 60 years of existence, into the history of Croatian acting scene. In this enviable period of half a century it has gone through different artistic and organizational modifications, changed titles and locations, but has always remained a centre of the scene in which the young generations gathered, but also the audience favoring audacious scenic explorations and a theatre which is willing to cross boundaries. Plays such as Jungle book, Magic & Loss, Odysseus and son),Flags, Three sisters), Bucket, Kamov's eulogy... have marked this theatre's last decades, which saw the work of many directors - Vita Taufer, Janusz Kica, Paolo Magelli, Eduardo Miler and Branko Brezovac...

Today, Zagreb Youth Theatre is a theatre which leans in each of its projects on an author's approach on every level of realization and it gives itself a possibility of research, modeling and expression of ideas engaged in a specific social, civil and political reality. This is a theatre that is open to different aesthetical approaches with a goal to speak about those dramas that are happening in this space and time.


(D.H., 29.01.2009)