Split's Croatian National Ballet on winter tour in Italy and Switzerland

 The Ballet Ensemble of Split's National Theatre will start their tour through Italy and one performance in Switzerland on 27th January in the city of Rende.  

The Ballet Ensemble will perform Swan Lake nine times and four times The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky in Rende, Trope, Pescara, Prat, Gallarate, Fabrian, Arcore, Lugano, Varese, Vighizzolo di Cantú and Bologna.

  The ballet was choreographed by the Russian choreographer Valentina Ganibalova, it is based according to the original by Petip and Gorski. The premier took place last year, after 20 years of its last performance.

Dancers: Fernanda Oliviera, Yosvani Ramos, Azamat Nabiulin, Albina Rahmatulina, Sanja Nevescanin, Elena Nioklajeva, Lev Saposnikov, etc.

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(D.H., 27.01.2009)