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Filmmaker Stanka Gjuric member of WPT4C

Filmmaker Stanka Gjuric has become an adviser for the World Peace Tour 4 Children Mission because of ‘for her outstanding work for human rights'.

‘Tour 4 Children (WPT4C) Inc., is a Los Angeles - based nonprofit organization. "The core mission of World Peace Tour 4 Children (WPT4C) is to support the building of the culture of peace in various countries of the world, with special focus on Africa. In this context, WPT4C believes very strongly that peace and development are closely interlinked and that one is not possible without the other. To secure a better quality of life for the needy children of the world and their sustainable development, the culture of peace is the most essential requirement. At the same time, WPT4C also believes very earnestly that today's younger generation needs to be empowered to become the agents of non-violence and peace individually and collectively to ensure a just, secure and equitable world. For that, they need to inculcate the culture of peace in themselves through peace education and other societal support.
WPT4C wants to achieve these objectives by raising awareness and mobilizing public opinion and resources through organizing high-profile concerts in various countries in close collaboration with local artists and other partners as well as national governments and private sector. Through this creative way, WPT4C intends to contribute to the sustainable peace and development both at the country and global levels.

We are honoured and delighted and welcome our wonderful friend Mrs Stanka Gjuric from Zagreb -Hrvatska / Croatia. We adore her for her outstanding work for human rights and are proud to have her in our World Peace Tour 4 Children Team.’ Text by WPT4C

(Source: Stanka Gjuric

(D.H., 28.01.2009)