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Since April 2004 the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia has been maintaining and developing the project within the framework of the regular activities of the Section for the Culturenet Project and Ministry Website and Section for Documentation and Analysis.

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Globaldizajn, design

English version
Deborah Hustić, coordinator
Vesna Racković, translator

Rafaela Petrović, coordinator
Zvonimira Pavelić, collaborator

Info (Croatia version)
Ivana Podnar, coordinator
Matea Kolendić, collaborator
Rafaela Petrović, collaborator
Jelena Vuković, MIC, collaborator
Deborah Hustić, collaborator
Ivana Krušec, collaborator

Nena Franičević-Zlatić, coordinator

See also
Ivana Podnar, coordinator
Deborah Hustić, collaborator

Gallery of Culture
Deborah Hustić, collaborator
Ivana Krušec, collaborator

[Nikola Batušić], theatre
Lada Muraj, theatre
Maja Đurinović, dance
Darko Fritz, media art
[ Radovan Ivančević ], visual arts
Katarina Nina Simončić, visual arts
Daniela Jelinčić, cultural tourism
Dodi Komanov, music
Katarina Peović Vuković, new media literature
Damir Radić, film
Culturenet Project Council
In line with the decision of the Minister of Culture Božo Biškupić, MA, brought on July 5, 2004 the following members have been appointed to the Culturenet Project Council:

Martina Mencer Salluzzo
Inlingua, Zagreb, Council Chairperson
Hrvoje Turković, PhD
Academy of Dramatic Arts, Zagreb
Sanjin Dragojević, MA
Faculty of Political Sciences, Zagreb
Aleksandra Uzelac, PhD
Institute for International Relations, Zagreb
Goran Zlodi, MA
Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb
Mirna Willer, PhD
National and University Library, Zagreb
Mario Braun, BA
Croatian Restoration Institute, Zagreb
Ana Garvas-Delić, Eng.
Croatian Information Documentation Referral Agency (HIDRA), Zagreb
Jozo Ivanović, MA
Croatian State Archives

The Culturenet Project Council (appointed for a four year term) has an advisory role and its task is to co-ordinate, together with the Project Co-ordinating Group, operational assignments and activities on the project.

Culturenet Croatia
c/o Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia
Runjaninova 2, 10000 Zagreb
Tel: +385 1 48 66 531
Fax: +385 1 48 66 586
e-mail: info@culturenet.hr

ISSN 1334-3092
Key title: Culturenet.hr (Hrvatsko izd.)
Abbreviated key title: Culturenet.hr (Hrvat.izd)

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Key title: Culturenet.hr (English wd.)
Abbreviated key title: Culturenet.hr (Engl.ed.)