Vukovar Film Festival 2008

Excellent response to the first festival by the citizens of Vukovar, people from the region and all leading media confirmed that the concept of a film festival in Vukovar makes a lot of sense.

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe, being exceeded only by the Volga, and the longest one in the EU (2888 km). Geographically, Vukovar is situated in the middle of its length. Hence, it symbolically connects all the countries through which the river runs as well as those situated 50 km from either bank of the Danube.

Festival’s thematic orientation to films from the Danube countries logically follows Vukovar’s location in the center of the Croatian part of the Danube region. Cultural influences have traveled up and down the Danube for as long as we remember. Since VFF is the only film festival of this region, it is our ambition to connect internationally film makers from these countries and to creatively contribute to film art through various film workshops.

Film festivals arouse tourist interest for the places and regions in which they take place, and Vukovar and Easter Slavonia have the x factor which cannot be described with words. 

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