Leipzig Book Fair 2008

As agreed with the director of the Fair Mr. Oliver Zille, the programme is conceived as a broad framework that will offer numerous possibilities for the presentation of the diverse literary and cultural scene of this small country on the eastern coast of the Adriatic and will, at the same time, strengthen the links cultural workers from Croatia have been fostering with colleagues from other European countries.

The following authors will be presented in Leipzig: Olja Savicevic Ivancević, Igor Stiks, Miljenko Jergovic, Boris Peric, Miro Gavran, Boris Dezulovic, Edo Popovic, Drago Glamuzina, Alida Bremer, Delimir Resicki, Ivana Sajko, etc.

Young authors in particular, as well as all the characteristic topics of a society in the process of transition, and of course the Mediterranean component of Croatian literature will be in the focus of attention of this year's programme. Interesting publishing projects, book fairs and literary festivals from Croatia will be presented at the Croatian stand with a view to introducing this known-unknown country that is waiting to be admitted in the EU, as a place of dynamic culture and stimulating discussions that are initiated and promoted in this space were West and East interweave and where the Mediterranean and Central Europe meet.

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