TEST! – International Festival of Student Theatre and Multimedia

In the meantime, festival upgraded to international project, unique of this type - directed towards student population, and during these years hosted numerous young artists and exchanges between most of the European countries.

As a member of world student theatre organization AITU/IUTA, Test! affirms and promotes creative potentials of young artists in non-competitive, thought-provoking atmosphere, by initiating, affirming and helping exchange oriented projects, meetings of art academies and independent initiatives + organizing inspiring workshops. Festival brings together European and Croatian theatre, dance, performance art, and lately music and multimedia groups and authors which are on the beginning of their creative development, so in between them who present their work there are often university troupes and art academies.

Since 2004 to performing arts program we integrated multimedia program developed by works of visual and conceptual nature, ant those who bring together young artists and students from area of acoustic and visual arts.

Already shown itself endurable enough to carry adjective "student", International festival of student theatre and multimedia Test! is arriving towards Test!8, again to demonstrate Croatian public the 'creative potentials' of states largest potential - young people.

Check for more detailed news and programme of the festival online: www.test.hr