Extravagant Bodies Festival in Zagreb

The main focus is a critical questioning trough art activity, of the social, political, and cultural position and identity of people with disability.

This includes creating a productive environment where the specified theme can be contextualized through a variety of artistic projects as well as close collaboration of artists with non-artist local organizations and initiatives dealing with disability. Artists featured in the festival are disabled persons themselves, who use their bodies in performance art, photography, film, to talk about their bodies and needs. The project is conceived through interdisciplinary approach offering different perspectives on the subject by experts from the fields of art, medicine, sociology, philosophy and psychiatry. The project will be publicly presented, in different scales and versions in Zagreb (Croatia), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Belgrade (Serbia).

Extravagant Bodies is an art event, dealing with the politics of normality. It is based on the fact that what is considered normal (as well as what is not) is ideologically determined and deeply rooted into the structures of society. The knowledge of existence of something other and different generates negative identification, social exclusion, fear and hatred. The artists participating at mostly belongs to the minority sections of society - the disabled - and in their works they deal exactly with what makes them different, using their difference as a theme and bringing it into focus. unafraid of social critique and judgment. All the works that will be presented are performance-based.

The Festival takes place from 12th to 15th December in Student Centre (Zagreb)
See detailed programme: www.kontejner.org

(Source: www.kontejner.org)