Split Film Festival commences

The International Festival of New Film takes place every year in Split, Croatia.

The festival is open to all new, innovative, personal, experimental, radical, subversive etc. work (film, video, new media) of all genres and lengths, preferably from outside the mainstream, whether it was made on shoe string budget, or is a studio release.

As recent developments indicate that more contemporary artists are looking for new ways of expression in audio visual medium, the festival will present works involving traditional film techniques or the latest technology of electronic image.

The festival will present screenings of selected films and videos, cd-roms, installations, performances, retrospectives, workshops, discussions and festival's catalogue.

Along with special money prizes, the festival's sculpture will be awarded for each category, by international juries.

For more info, please visit: www.splitfilmfestival.hr

(Source: HRT/Split Film Festival)