41st International Folklore Festival

... the exhibition at the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb displaying the art of casting of traditional jewelry and everyday utensils, and the final performance of this year's Festival at which are participating Croatians who are living in their country as well as those now living in Croatia.

Also at the Festival are performing selected folklore groups from Croatia and attractive dance and music ensembles from Austria, Ghana, Greece, Georgia, India, Italy, Cameroon, Malawi, Norway, Slovakia, and Spain. Besides performances of the participants we also have traditional accompanying events: an exhibition, concert of church folk singing (church singing from the island of Šolta) and world music (traditional multi-part singing from Croatia, Italy and Georgia) as well as several dance and music workshops that this Festival is paying increasing attention to.

Performances of the 41st International Folklore Festival are taking place on the several stages in Zagreb, participants of the Festival are also performing as guests at other events in the vicinity of Zagreb, and their performances will be covered by Croatian Television and numerous radio stations.

For more info please visit: www.msf.hr