Vukovar Film Festival 2007

Young Vukovar’s generation has never been to movie theatre and doesn’t know the feeling and energy which collective screenings provide.

Main program base will consist of films from currently most interesting and active cinematography of ten Danube River basin countries. This however guarantees a perspective festival future, because of wide interest from all Danube River basin region. Titles are: White palms (Hungary), Knallhart (Germany), I served the king of England (Cezch Republic and Slovakia), and 4 months,  3 weeks and 2 days (Romania), 2007 Cannes Golden Palm Winner.

Second part of the program consists of new attractive films - sensations for the audience, made by the famous world directors. Right after Cannes, exclusively, our audience will be able to see new movies such as Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof, 2007 Berlin Film Festival Winner, Tuya’s Marriage, by Wang Quan’an and Planet Terror by Robert Rodriguez.

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