7th Liburnia Jazz Festival

...but at the same time it has to delight and overwhelm every first-time jazz listener sitting in the audience.

One of the main targets of the Festival is also a collaboration of the Croatian and international jazz artists, and mixing the various cultures and music styles in one place - the Liburnia Jazz Stage.

Beside the performing stage, there is also the educational part of the Liburnia Jazz, the "Jazz Ex Tempore" music workshops. A part of workshops is applied to the professional musician improvement, but most of workshops are dedicated to the widest audience, to all music lovers who want to grasp behind the scene, getting the knowledge and inside stories directly from the artist.

‘Our mission is simple but very demanding: close-up the Jazz to the wide public, making it easy and understandable to everybody. Our main target is to close-up the Jazz Music to the auditorium unused to the Jazz, to all those who consider it as an exclusive music "from musicians to musicians", as a hermetic expressive form only for the connoisseurs. Our job is to convince them to the opposite, to show to everybody that jazz is a pure joy of the performance and improvisation with no borders and boundaries at all. We are proud to the fact that our job is gaining more and more success through the years.’ (Source: Liburnia Jazz Festival)

The Festival takes place from 6th to 8th July in Opatija.

See detailed programme of the Liburnia Jazz Festival: www.liburniajazz.hr