iCommons - iSummit 07 to be held in Dubrovnik

Once a year, about 300 people from over 50 countries come together to
celebrate and strategize around a free Internet for all.

The iCommons Summit is supported by cutting edge Internet companies around the world whose success is based on a free Internet - companies who recognize the potential of commons-based peer production for growing their networks and their businesses, and doing it in a way that benefits all of humanity.

This year, organizers are asking companies and foundations to support the Summit and put their name alongside a global movement of individuals that are affecting technology policy and practice in their countries and driving forward an environment in which innovation is set to flourish.

Who: 300 of the world’s leading intellectuals, authors, lawyers, artists and technologists on the cutting edge of Internet policy.

What: A three-day Summit to discuss the importance of a free Internet for free culture, new rules to keep the internet free, how to build free culture communities and the lessons we can learn from pirates.

Where: Dubrovnik

When: 15-17 June, 2007

Hosted by Multimedijalni Institut Zagreb

(Source: icommons.org)