24th Dance Week Festival 2007

The festival overture took place in April with the Preljocaj Ballet.

Dance Week Festival fosters and promotes diverse expressions of classical and contemporary aesthetics through dance and movement theatre providing accessibility, support and opportunities for domestic talents and renowned names at the same time.

Dance Week Festival is one of the projects organized by the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance (HIPP), a non profit organization designed to be an umbrella organisation for development of contemporary dance and physical theatre.

The Festival will take place between 3rd and 10th June in Zagreb and Rijeka.

Read more about Dance Week Festival 2007: www.danceweekfestival.com

Read some words about Louise Lecavalier a breathtaking and lucid dancer, former La La La Human Steps performer...

‘Lecavalier became Lock's muse in his company La La La Human Steps. With her mane of platinum dreadlocks, her physical power and her mastery of the full-body barrel jump, which looks like a horizontal pirouette, her image was a signature for the company. She was the perfect embodiment of Lock's frenetic and technically punishing androgynous aesthetic in works such as Human Sex (1985) and Infante, c'est destroy (1991).’ (Text taken from: www.artsalive.ca)

See excerpts of Lecavalier’s skills on YouTube

Dance Week Poster (pdf document, 592,392 kb)