8th Thirsty Ear Festival

9th May
Red Sparowes (SAD) - KSET Club (9pm)
Parenthetical Girls (SAD) – Theatre &TD (11pm)

10th May
Exploding Customer (Sweden) – Theatre &TD (9pm)
Schnee (Austria) – Theatre &TD (11pm)

11th May
Man Zero (Croatia) – Gallery SC (9.30pm)
Virvel (Serbia) – Gallery SC (10.30pm)

12th May
Ghost (Japan) – Gallery SC (9.30pm)

14th May
Of Montreal (SAD) – KSET Club (9.30pm)
Demode A/V Team (Croatia)

15th May
The Books (SAD) – Theatre &TD –(21:30)
The Fonda/Stevens Group & Szilard Mezei (SAD / Hungary) – Theatre &TD - (11pm)

16th May
Hamid Drake & William Parker (SAD) – Theatre &TD – (9.30pm)
Apse (SAD) – Theatre &TD –(11pm)

17th May
Cul de Sac (SAD) (with Faust on screen) – Theatre &TD - (7pm)

18th May
Cul de Sac (SAD) – Theatre &TD – (9.30pm)
Luftwaffe (Croatia) – Theatre &TD – (11pm)

19th May
Brewed by Noon (SAD) – Theatre &TD - (9.30pm)
Vikend u Hong Kongu (Croatia) – Theatre &TD – (11)

21st May
The Welcomin' Committee in Flames (Croatia) – Gallery SC (9.30pm)
The Black Lips (SAD) – Gallery SC (10.30pm)

For more info, please visit: www.sczg.hr