Festival of the Best

‘The selection exhibits a variety of repertoires and styles, a genre line that can be drawn from the opera, dramatized saga and fairy tale up to short dramatic texts focused on specific problems. As for the provenience of the texts, none of the entries is a dramatic text by origin, they are either dramatizations, adaptations or based ‘on motives’ of the author's own prose (Krilic, Sesto), on cartoon serials (Ana Tonkovic Dolencic) or tales of the world classics (Nina Mitrovic). (...)' Zeljka Turcinovic

‘The Festival of the best... is not a festival following a set theme, but a summary of ‘the best’. You could think that an international selection intends to be a selection of ‘the best performances’ of Europe. It is not that. It is a selection wishing to show the variety of creating theatre for children in Europe from the east (Russia), still immersed in fairy tales and their re-interpretations to the west (Belgium), a country that takes a leading role in innovations, searching for possibilities of some new tales, themes and motives, rooted in everyday life; from the Germanic north (the Netherlands) with their big stories and productions down to the Latin south (France), playful in its forms and focused on laughter and imaginative performances, almost lacking a plot.

Somewhere in the midst of all these various standards, but inclining more to the Italian, Latin spirit, there is the Swiss performance, setting at ease the Latin playfulness with the northern feeling for harmony.’ Ivica Simic