Springtime Jazz Fever 2007

The Festival has been held since 1988 and has been admitted into the association of European jazz festivals.

19th and 20th March
Liane Carrol Trio
Liane Carrol – voice & piano, Roger Carey - doublebass, Martin Drew - drums

21st and 22nd March
Alvin Queen - Bosko Petrovic
Happy reunion: Wendell Bruniouis – trumpet & voice, Jesse Davis - alt saxophone, Bosko Petrovic -vibraphone, Primoz Grasic - guitar, Mario Mavrin - bass, Alvin Queen - drums

23rd and 24th March
Fritz Pauer Trio
Fritz Pauer - piano, Johannes Strasser - doublebass, Howard Curtis - drums

25th and 26th March
Refraction Quartet
Frederick Menzies - sax, Anders Mortensen - piano, Jasper Thorn - doublebass, Snorre Kirk - drums

27th March
Joice Yuille & Mike Sponza Trio
Joice Yuille - voice, Mike Sponza - electric guitar & voice, Michele Bonivento - keyboards Moreno Buttinar - drums

28th and 29th March
Catia & Carlos Werneck Project
Catia Werneck-voice, Carlos Werneck - voice & electric voice guitar, Raul Mascarenhas - alt saxophone & flute, Vincent Bidal - electric piano, Christophe Brass - drums

30th March
David Gazarov-from Bach to Bop
David Gazarov-piano

31st March
Catia & Carlos Werneck Project

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