avvistamenti 06 – Made in Croatia

‘Peter Campus, video 1970_2006’, the main progrmme, will present the complete videography of one of the pioneers in the history of video art, and Peter Campus is going to talk about his work on the first evening at the Garibaldi Theater. The last day of the Festival is usually focused on the promotion of video art from all of the world, so the previous years presented production from England, Poland and South Korea.

Made in Croatia’ and ‘Made in Puglia’ are this year’s exhibitions that will be presented within this programme in the context of artistic and cultural connections between Croatian and Italian artists.
Made in Croatia includes recent works of 18 artists: Ervin Babic, Tomislav Brajnovic, Marko Ercegovic, Nicole Hewitt, Renata Poljak, Vedran Samanovic, Sonja Vuk and Vlasta Zanic.

Davorka Vucic will introduce Croatian programme and be available for discussions with visitors.

Curator of the Festival: Antonio Trimani.