FAQ / WARP3 Alliance 2006 dance event in Zagreb

‘Establishing its model of work as an open self-service platform and providing necessary working conditions and flow of information among performing artists, Experimental free scene has largely shaped Croatia's independent dance scene and influenced the protocols of its self-organizing activity in the period from 2001 to 2006.

By introducing the horizontal decision-making and responsibility sharing model of work EkS-Scene tried to entice artists into proposing new production strategies and thus creating contents that would suit their own interest and needs.

Structuring the backbone of the work as the policy of collaboration focused on the processes of redefining the position of independent performing scene within the official cultural politics, we tried to highlight the necessity for the development of reformative models in the cultural sector.

By the evaluation of our activity in the framework of the current temporarily established normalization, EkS-Scene traced the need for repositioning of the production strategies.

So reformed, they might result in new forms of self-organizing activity that will hopefully take over the visionary role in the structuring of the future scene.

FAQ manifestation is our way of presenting the reconstruction of five years work and its attempt to transform into collocutor drive.’ (EkS scena)

For more info click: www.eks-scena.hr

FAQ programme (doc document, 25,6 kb)