The Platform of Young Choreographers 2006

The driving force behind the Platform of Young choreographers is the desire and the need of young generation of choreographers to present their work publicly. Platform is intended for promotion and establishment of Young Croatian choreographers and for development of regional cultural collaboration (networking, exchange of experiences and ideas, research).

At the beginning of this year organizer has initiated the network of partners and organizations of similar profiles and programs, which will enable partnership based corporation, faster development, competitiveness and better quality, greater possibilities of financial support by organizations, foundations and government due to high rank project and influences. Such projects will serve as a gathering point of young, dance artists and choreographers from whole Croatia and abroad.

‘We wish to open the borders and offer to choreographers and dance performers regional cooperation and presence on international stages.' Tala Dance Centre

See detailed programme:

(Text: Press Excerpts taken from Tala Dance Centre web page)