Urban Festival 2006

Operating in the field of imagination, the artistic practice has a potential to anticipate and think of the other and different relationships.

The programme will be realized in public city spaces - with the intention to broaden the territory of action outside the protecting walls of galleries and theatres, and on the other hand, animate the public spaces as spaces of co-existence, confrontation of different views, as well as possible antagonisms.

As an introduction, as well as a discursive framework, the conference under the title "Public space in change" will take place on 7th and 8th of September 2006. The aim is to diagnose the problematics of disappearance of public space and to encourage dialogue between art historians, artists, architects, urbanists, sociologists, activists. The conference will focus, beside the questions of public in general, at the positioning and de-stigmatizing monuments and sculpture in public spaces, as well as at interdisciplinary approaches by creating new public spaces. (Text taken from: www.urbanfestival.hr

For detailed programme click: www.urbanfestival.hr/06/eng/programme