Dubrovnik International Summer School of Architecture

The International Summer School of Architecture Dubrovnik (ISSAD) was founded 2005. With 4 years schedule the school is involved in research a town space outside of the walls. The research intention is to find out the conditions for rising quality and power of new Dubrovnik urban spaces. ISSAD workshop themes are: Naval Town, Green Town, New Town and Unknown Town on Dubrovnik topos: Gruž, Lapad, Srđ and Montovjerna.

Workshop tutors are famous architects and professors from Italy, Scotland, Nederland and Croatia.

During workshop students listen conferences full of recent and respectable projects and experience from similar worldwide sites. Work method consists of studying topos history and existing quality, drawing personal observations, designing and modelling 3D simulations, and of presenting works to the public critics. The projects will be used for programming future Dubrovnik urban space. (Source: Dubrovnik International Summer School of Architecture)

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