Croatian Culture Days in Berlin

The exhibition is accompanied by numerous events with guests from Croatia and Germany.

Croatia is a country where Central European, Mediterranean and South East European cultures meet. The many different regional influences and their interactions have led to a rich diversity of songs, styles of presentation and musical instruments. In the 20th century, folk music became a source of musical creativity and self-definition.

The exhibition shows musical instruments which played a part in this new evolution of traditional music by either functioning as new symbols of Croatian identity or calling such concepts into question. Films, photos and other exhibits focus particularly on the mandolin-like tamburica, scrutinizing its public representation as a symbol of a Croatian national identity.

Apart from highlighting the history of the musical instruments and their present-day usage - as souvenirs as much as in World Music - the show also offers traditional and contemporary pieces of music as audio experience.

To give an idea of the country's beauty, the Croatian artist Ivo Pervan presents his project 'Croatian Dream'. This work is based on fascinating photographs which, digitally brought to life and finished in film, have been interwoven to tell a story. (Text by the Museum of European Cultures)

Programme (Croatian/German) (doc document, 39,424 kb)