‘Zadar snova’ - International Festival of Contemporary Theatre

About the Festival:
‘Zadar snova Association was established in 1997 with a mission to promote and produce contemporary art works. We acknowledge the role of arts and the importance of cultural inovations in the overall social and economic development. Thus our work aims to increase the level of multicultural awareness as well as to promote a diversity of art expressions that reflect the contemporary image of our age.

To achieve our goals we recognize the following objectives: to promote intercultural dialogue and networking by providing a structure for production and cooperation; to contribute to development of regional cultural policy and the identity of urban cultural movements; to strengthen the capacity of local independent art scene and to encourage individuals, especially the young, involved in cultural initiative; to support artistic creativity by organizing training and workshops in the field of performing arts; to build up managing skills and provide know-how in the area of cultural management by organizing educational programs, seminars and meetings; to establish a multimedia culture and information centre with an open access to new technologies and relevant databases.' (Text taken from: www.zadarsnova.hr/about)

See detailed programme: www.zadarsnova.hr