“Living Art – On the Edge of Europe” in Netherlands

Artists: Voivodina’s group Bosh+Bosh, Slovakian artist Stano Filko, Polish Edward Krasinski, Slovenian group OHO, Croatian group Gorgona (among the art works by Marijan Jevsovar, Julije Knifer, Dimitrij Basicevic Mangelos, 11 huge sculptures by Ivan Kozaric and all numbers of the Gorgona journal), and Goran Trbuljak (his art work “Referendum” from 1969. has been printed on the poster and the catalogue of the exhibition).

The exhibition was curated by Nathalie Zonnenberg.

“Living Art – On the Edge of Europe” enquires the scopes of conceptual art in the sixties and seventies of 20 century developed in Eastern Europe, which haven’t been recognized same in the countries where she was made, nor in the Western countries, even according to the concept and ideas it wasn’t behind the Western art scene.