Exhibition ://selfportrait - a show for Bethlehem

This media art exhibition is organised on occasion and in the framework of 10th anniversary of the twincityship of the municipalities of Cologne/Germany & Bethlehem/Palestine to be shown first in Bethlehem at Al Kahf Gallery at Bethlehem International Center: 6-30 July 2006.

Media/Art/Cologne is proud to collaborate further with the collaboration with Casoria Contemporary Art Museum Naples/Italy and the show to be inaugurated on 16 December 2006 as a message of peace to the world on occasion of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem.

Through its relevance in three world religions, Bethlehem was during more than 2000 years a symbol for peace also beyond, but since some time Bethlehem and the entire Holy Land on the Westbank is vanishing behind a huge wall as the result of a conflict in Middle East which is
threatening world peace since many years.

By being present personally and showing face through their self portraits, the participating artists in the show overcome symbolically this wall and the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and become messengers of peace this way.

The show does not only transport the message of solidarity under the complicated political conditions currently, but also the idea of a free and independent culture without borders, the use of New Media technology represents further a symbol for a new era for solving conflicts via communication.

://selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem incorporates about 200 artists. (Text: self.engad.org)

Croatian artists on ://selfportait exhibition: Mirjana Batinic, Vladimir Biga, Petra Brnardic, Irena Frantal, Romana Jagic, SH Majstorovic, Daniel Milcic, I.J.Pino i Jasenka Vukelic.